LEa & Nick's Venetian Birthday

Experience Planner


A Venetian birthday extravaganza unfolded for the celebration of Lea Zoric and Nick Riley, marking their combined 40th and 50th milestones in a three-part spectacle. The festivities commenced with an intimate dinner held atop the enchanting rooftop of Hotel Danieli. Guests reveled in the breathtaking views while savoring a carefully curated culinary experience accompanied by a handpan player as the sun was setting. 

The following day brought an engaging treasure hunt, guiding participants through the labyrinthine streets of Venice from a uniquely local perspective. Along the way, captivating stories unfolded, adding a touch of Venetian magic to the experience. The weekend culminated in a grand finale at Palazzo Contarini Polignac, echoing the historical significance of the venue.

Palazzo Contarini Polignac set the stage for an unforgettable evening that commenced with a classical touch—a piano trio and a graceful ballerina. Guests indulged in an exquisite aperitivo, paying homage to the rich history of the palace, once a vibrant musical hub thanks to Winnaretta Singer, daughter of the renowned inventor Isaac Singer.

As the night progressed, the atmosphere reached a crescendo, seamlessly transitioning from classical to techno. The talented DJ MoM and Satori took command, guiding the celebration into a rhythmic frenzy that echoed through the palatial surroundings. The blending of eras, music genres, and Venetian charm created an unforgettable mosaic of joy.