Jacquemus Sur Mer

Virtual Project Creator

Istituto Marangoni Milano


Some of Jacquemus’s biggest inspirations are the Mediterranean beach life, David Hockney paintings. His collections, his inspo, his hats, his clothes are deeply rooted in the Mediterranean aesthetic especially the French & Italian Riviera energy and dynamic of the 60’s and 70’s. 

The latter inspired me to create Jacquemus Sur Mer, a beach complex with beach access, a pool area, a restaurant and a boutique all Jacquemus inspired. This experience would allow people to experience the spirit of the brand.

The French staff, the ice cream shack, the interior and exterior design, the music, the beach umbrellas… Everything in the complex will emulate the spirit of the brand.  

Potential locations: Miami, Brazil, Croatia

The beach complex would combine David Hockney’s pool aesthetic with the Turkish Pamukkale pools.