Everyone's At Home

Stylist / Art Director
Directed & Filmed by Isabella Torre


The world we live in is increasingly mixed. No country has only natives inhabiting its land and Sicily is perhaps the European island that best embodies this reality.

Since the beginning of time Sicily has been a host to various cultures and ethnicities all of which have left their mark on its cities and inhabitants. This trend continues today. With global migrations on the rise over the past three decades, Italy has seen an influx of foreigners which has in turn altered the racial makeup of its most populous cities.

Generation after generation, the demographic alters and the number of non- white Italians grows. They walk, talk and live like any other Italian. Italy is their home, the only home they've ever known even though their origins link them to other countries.

Everyone’s at Home is a project that celebrates the mixed-raced Italian youth of Palermo, Sicily's capital city and one of the most diverse and vibrant places in Italy.

The idea behind this shoot was to highlight this element of contemporary Italian society while also facilitating a meeting between Italian artists and models of diverse backgrounds.

The images we created were born out of this meeting, with the models contributing to the final product. By creating an extremely friendly environment we wanted to create a space that allowed for an evolving social dynamic.
The camera then captured this dynamic Therefore the success of the project is not just based on the images that we are submitting here but by the meaningful artist collaborations that allowed us to generate these images. We are as proud of the visual material as we are about the fact that these models are probably hanging out in Palermo at this very moment.