Co-Art Director/Co-Stylist with

Isabella Torre


A glimpse into the private space of a woman at home delved deep into self-care. From journaling, reflecting or taking a long hot shower, she attempts to connect with her femininity and the deepest levels of self that one tends to explore behind closed doors.
Her home is her sanctuary. 

The photoshoot depicts a range of women during the pandemic that experienced this kind of renaissance since they were forced to stay at home.

We were also inspired by the TikTok trend ‘I Can't Talk Right Now, I'm Doing Hot Girl Shit’ in which the participants were doing activities not typically associated with hot girls or of little consequence, as a counter reaction to the culture that encourages partying hard and other ‘hot girl’ toxic habits. 

The stylistic choice reflect this sense of peace and calmness through the colours, materials and silhouettes.